Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Björk Ready for 40

From (1/12/2006):

Björk couldn't wait to turn 40 (11/21/05), because she learned how to be middle-aged from her grandmother.

The singer admires the way her Grandma handled the landmark, and hopes being 40 will bring her the same happiness.

She says, "I'm ready for it. When I was a girl, my mum was a bit of a wild child and a hippy. Her life was chaotic. She didn't know who she loved or what she wanted to do.

"But when my grandmother was 40 she was sussed. She'd feed the people she loved, but also lead a fabulous life. She was a painter and she used to sneak off for a couple of weeks with a lot of red wine and just paint. She had the best of both worlds.

"I think 20 isn't cool, 30 is a mess and being 40 is nice.

"I'm there now. I am a good older person."


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this is the most beautiful blog site of bjork i've ever seen...just extra great!

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