Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Ever-Evolving Björk Photo Galleries

by Mark Burbey

I've been spending a great many hours and having a divinely good time building the Björk Zine Photo Galleries on Flickr. For me, the earmark of a good Björk website...or a website devoted to any its photo gallery. Bjö certainly has a good one, and Bjö has an even better one, and there are countless other Björk sites that have photo galleries that are fair to excellent. In my years as a Björk fan, trawling these sites far and wide has yielded a collection of over 1000 Björk pics. I'm selecting only the very best ones to include in the Björk Zine Photo Galleries, and as I come across others, I'll be shifting the pics around, keeping the galleries interesting and fresh. The shifting, however, will mostly be a result of finding pics that belong with a particular photo shoot or theme already posted. For example, I've taken all the pics of Björk with red hair out of Photo Gallery One and placed them in Photo Gallery Two, in order to keep them all together. If you have a favorite pic and you find that it isn't where you thought it was, just look in another gallery, because I won't be taking any away.

Many of the newest pics have been culled from the newly revamped photo galleries at Bjö, and I again thank Jocelyn for allowing me to do so. She has such great scans of so many rarely seen and wonderful pics, and I encourage you to bookmark Bjö if you haven't already.

Why Flickr? Simple. I know rudimentary html, but as far as creating the standard grid-style page of tiny
clickables that open into larger pics, I'm lost. But I'm very happy with the Flickr format and the appearance of the Björk Zine Photo Galleries. Each set of pics has a limit of 200, so once Gallery Two reaches its limit, I'll create Photo Gallery Five. (I doubt that Galleries Three and Four, devoted respectively to DANCER IN THE DARK and DRAWING RESTRAINT 9, will ever reach 200 pics.)

IMPORTANT TIP: When viewing pics in Flickr, it's important to know that when you click on a pic in any one of the Björk Zine Photo Galleries, they appear at medium size, and in many cases, this can be a fairly generous size. Many of the pics, however, are larger than they initially appear. Simply click "All Sizes" above the photo to see any given photo in all its dreamy splendor.

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