Sunday, March 12, 2006

The World According to Björk

Björk’s first concert video was VESSEL, a recording of a performance at The Royale Theatre in London released in 1994. Its director was Stephane Sednaoui, who would go on to direct Björk in two videos (“Big Time Sensuality” from DEBUT, and “Possibly Maybe” from POST), and photograph her for the cover of POST. He has also directed videos by Madonna, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, U2, and others. Making VESSEL more than just a concert video are the little interviews sandwiched between the songs. Her thoughts and perceptions on a variety of topics are very much like those of an novelist or a poet, and very much Björk. Each observational nugget is like a little window peering into the house of Björk, as she looks out at the world with an empathetic eye.

Thanks to Third Class Björk for posting these transcriptions on their site.

I've always enjoyed seeing people travel. I really like airports because there's always these people saying hello and goodbye and maybe haven't seen them for many years and some people are very very tired. They sorta can't hide their feelings and then they cry, they hug, and they kiss, and they are so focused on receiving someone they love that they forget about all the other people so I actually quite like watching people travel. It's ever so interesting.

Most of the songs I wrote very privately in my room when other people are asleep and when I can lock the door and listen to my favorite albums and eat grapes and stuff. So it was such a private affair between me and myself and then I put the record out, no expectations, just a little statement and so many people have come to me and say they like this and say they understand what I say and that makes me very very happy.

First time I go to a city, I was 18 years old. And I was terrified! I came to London and I couldn't believe that you can't just stand up and walk out the door. You can even go on a train or a car and you have to travel for hours and you're still in the city! And this completely freaked me out. I was so claustrophobic and I got so obsessed with oxygen. I couldn't breathe and I was trying to touch the buildings. I scraped off the grease and tried to get in touch with things and it was very scary. But then, I learned to relax all about it and I find it very kinky...kinda sticky. And I buy a bag of chips, which I usually hate and I get all greasy along with it. Ever since, I'm completely addicted to cities.

I could never live without my ears. I'd probably die, you know? I try to communicate with people, but sometimes I almost think I'd be quite happily with my CD player, you know. But it's not true. I'm exaggerating.

When I dream, I'm flying. I don't dream I fly because it's cheating. I swim.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Björk talks about her TV (**VIDEO**)

This apparently famous bit of video is absolutely captivating. It's from the Sugarcubes concert video, "Live Zabor" (Elektra Video 40110-3), and features the classic line about not letting poets lie to you.

If video fails to load, click here:
Bjork Talks About Her TV (video)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

JC Lemay's remixes of PAGAN POETRY and HIDDEN PLACE

Several years ago, I came across two fabulous Björk remixes -- PAGAN POETRY and HIDDEN PLACE -- by French composer JC Lemay. These are not official remixes, as it were, but they're among the best I've ever heard. The PAGAN POETRY remix is especially amazing and supremely danceable.

These tracks are still available for streaming, if not downloading, on Lemay's website:

Lemay also has a fine CD of his own called TRIP OF HOPE, which you can listen to on his site, and even download.

Make yourself happy and check these out!


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