Sunday, September 24, 2006

Björk to reform Sugarcubes for one-time benefit concert in Iceland

In the wake of Björk’s participation in DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 and amidst musings about the new album, a press release published on Bjö on 9/18/06 made a rather stunning and exciting announcement:

"Nearly 20 years ago, The Sugarcubes put out on their own label Smekkleysa SM, their first single Birthday. This release was the start to the splendid career of The Sugarcubes, and impressive releases of Icelandic artists in Iceland and abroad alike. These first steps made by The Sugarcubes have made an everlasting impact and influence on the Icelandic export of music.

It is therefore with unbound joy we announce the 20th anniversary concert of Birthday and The Sugarcubes in Reykjavik on the 17th of November. The Sugarcubes will take to the stage for the first time in 14 years.

All profit from the concert, with the support of FL Group, goes back into Smekkleysa SM who will continue to work on a non-profit basis for the future betterment of Icelandic music and artists.

World domination or death! Yes thank you!"

Bjö goes on to say:

“Regular ticket sales in Iceland will be announced very soon with the tickets going on sale through a local online site.

If you are interested to travel to Iceland to see the concert you will be able to buy a travel package from Icelandair, which will include airline ticket and the concert ticket. Hotel will be optional. All of Icelandair regional offices are putting up special pages for this reason. Please go to and choose your closest office of Icelandair.”

Excepting the prospect of once again hearing Einar drown out Björk with his vocally abusive hi-jinks, this is exciting news indeed. The cost of
traveling to Iceland will unfortunately prevent me from attending, but what better time or reason for a Björk fan to travel to Iceland? adds that “The concert will take place at the new, high-tech Laugardalsholl Arena.”

Speaking of Einar, Pitchfork Media features a news item where he talks about the origin of the renuion of the Sugarcubes.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


If you're anywhere near the San Francisco bay area, your last chance to see the DRAWING RESTRAINT exhibition at the SF Museum of Modern Art is drawing near. With the show ending on September 17th, this is the final week of an exhibit that only those lucky enough to be in Japan, Korea, and the far left side of the United States have been able to attend.

More pertinent to Björk fans, this may well be their last chance for a long time to view DRAWING RESTRAINT 9. Fanning the flames of criticism that Barney’s art is “art created for rich people,” he has said that his films will not be released on DVD. "They cannot be distributed as DVDs because they originally sold as limited-edition art objects,” Barney said. “If a sculpture is in an edition of six, you can't make more of them. It's not right for them to be available to be owned in an unlimited way after they've been sold in a limited way. I have the right to do theatrical distribution of the films, which I've done with 'CREMASTER' and ‘DRAWING RESTRAINT 9.' In Paris, they have now, for the second time, brought back the series. It's certainly a better condition to see it than on a monitor."

The film runs once a day and is free with the ticket price to the exhibition. Check the MOMA website for times (link on this page).


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